How is ChaosVPN Used to Connect the Hacker Community?

ChaosVPN is a VPN aimed at connecting hackers in secure and encrypted “hackerspaces”. A light research on ChaosVPN will prove that information on the project is plentiful while the reality is skeptical. Originating in Hamburg, Germany by a group called the Chaos Computer Club, ChaosVPN is the ultimate communication tunnel between hackers.

This is why – unless you know what you’re doing – gaining access to ChaosVPN is unlikely. Not surprisingly, users will even flock to ChaosVPN in hopes of a successful entrance to a .dafy or .clos link. Due to this, the creators added a disclosure to their official Wikipedia page:

“ChaosVPN is a VPN to connect Hackers and Hackerspaces – it does NOT provide anonymous internet access! For this look at tor or other similar services. It will also not help you to reach domains like .rdos, .lll, .clos or any other strange things supposed to be available on the ‘dark web’.”

The inner-workings of ChaosVPN include tinc, a VPN daemon specializing in tunneling and encryption. This generates a safe and remote network between hosts on the web. The Chaos Computer Club claims that ChaosVPN should be implemented in a way that privatizes traffic and utilizes full encryption.

This is where tinc comes into play:

“Tinc does a fully meshed peer to peer network and it defines endpoints and not tunnels. ChaosVPN connects hackers wherever they are. We connect roadwarriors with their notebook. Servers, even virtual ones in Datacenters, Hackerhouses and hackerspaces. To sum it up we connect networks – maybe down to a small /32.”

ChaosVPN is the epitome of privacy. Even after setting it up on their system, hackers are still required to email their information and wait for $success or $reject. Although some don’t want to waste their time, many others do. The ultimate outcome is access to the .hack domains – and the most private community of hackers on the dark web.

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