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Traffic sign has been hacked with “Impeach Trump” Message

by Unallocated Author

The traffic sign that was placed near Washington corridor was compromised by Anonymous hackers. The hackers left words about impeaching Trump and also included the Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. The first message said “Impeach Trump #LSSC while the second message stated that “Trump is Putin’s c—k holster”. The traffic sign was supposed to inform drivers of a road closure.

Houston’s Department announced that the hacked sign was not set in place by the Texas Department of Transportation.

They also said the road closure that the sign was informing drivers to was unauthorized.

The traffic sign was switched off on the same day, but it is still not clear who was after the hack and how it was done.

This is not the first time when someone has hacked into a road sign to show something. Break into billboards or traffic signs is a new trend. Some of the hackers just do it for fun while some do it to highlight their political support or objection.

Hacktivists are the subversive use of computers, websites and computer networks to promote a political agenda. The most important section of the cyber attack is to present or give the message to the masses.

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