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Stolen Xbox accounts sold on Chinese scam website!

by Unallocated Author

A gaming service website called iGSKY, enables users to buy cheap credits and rare items for games on the website. On the other hand, they hack users Xbox accounts, then use the linked credit card to buy more credits for games, which they sell it again to other victims.

Microsoft’s fraud investigators started looking at the site in December. The company purchased 11,000 FIFA points and spent $60 to buy it. Soon after this purchase, the passwords has been changed, and $127 was decreased from the credit card for the same 11,000 points. For that, Microsoft sued iGSKY for performing fraud and breaking CFAA.

Using this as evidence, a complaint has been filed by Microsoft in federal court of law against the Chinese website scam. They said that the website has been selling stolen Xbox accounts since 2015 and selling the game credits at unbelievable discounts on the open market.

Since IGSKY company is based in China, it is a hard task for Microsoft to shut down the website. But, the court has made it harder by issuing a temporary constraining order freezing the company’s domestic assets, along with any PayPal accounts associated with the site.

Users are recommended to use alternative emails to sign up for websites that seem suspicious.

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