The Dark Overlord Claims ABC as the next Target

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After releasing the first ten episodes of Orange Is the New Black’s fifth season, the hacker group The Dark Overlord is cracking down on their next target. While stealing over 3 dozen different shows, ABC’s “The Catch” got swept in the mix. It’s unknown whether the hackers are threatening the release of a specific show. However, they did tease their confirmation via Twitter on June 2nd:

“American Broadcasting Company may be up next, ladies and gentlemen.”

Netflix and ABC are not the only targets. The hacker group also claims to have access to unreleased shows owned by Fox, IFC, and National Geographic. Proof hasn’t been provided in regards to these supposed leaks.

However, the representatives for the other networks haven’t debunked the claims either. The Dark Overlord is demanding a ransom per their usual stint, but it’s unknown whether any have been paid.

Despite the small list of big name networks involved, the group also warns that any company is fair game.

“Other companies in the American entertainment industry shouldn’t be surprised if they were too (sic) wake up to a verbose, condescending, and abusive letter in their inbox extending a hand of friendship and (most likely) demanding a modest sum of internet money.”

The Dark Overlord did demand their signature ransom from ABC, but the company is still refusing to pay up. It seems that ABC would rather face the consequences than give into the criminal demands. This might cause temporary exposure, but it won’t do too much damage overall. The biggest thing that TDO forgets is that it’s basically impossible for these big league entertainment industries to not make money.

The only purpose that TDO serves at this point is leaking TV shows that fans are too impatient to wait for. There will be a couple million that watch the leaks. There will be a hundred million that choose the easier, legal option.


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