Orange Is the New Black Full Fifth Season Leaked Online by Hackers

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The Hackers have leaked the full fifth season of the Netflix’s Orange is the New Black and they are threatening to do this for many other movies and TV shows.

A Hacking group named TheDarkOverlord is threatening to make shows available on the Internet and a large number of unreleased movies. This group has already proven that they have at least some of these in their possession by releasing the 1st episode of the fifth season of the Orange is the New Black. When you think this is not enough, the group leaked the rest of the series also. This episode, along with the rest of those in the series, is supposed to air in this June on Netflix.

This is not necessarily a new development since many TV shows and movies leak online, but this time we may as very well be witnessing the largest piracy leak in the recent times.

According to their description of the Orange is the New Black file was uploaded to the Pirate Bay, this leak is the work of a group named TheDarkOverlord. The TorrentFreak reports that this group has been working together for the last year, gaining access to systems of Larson Studios in the Hollywood. This is a company which handles the additional dialogue recorded for the movies. Since many people have have downloaded the film and complain about the quality of this content, it seems like it could be true that these leaked shows come from this source since their copies are in production, and, therefore, they are unfinished.

The hackers are allegedly in negotiations with the company over the fate of the content they’ve taken from them. Releasing all the videos they may have stolen could result in a heavy price to pay for the studio, especially since they could be sued by their clients.


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