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Man Charged After Hacking into Ex-Employer’s Security Systems

by Unallocated Author

After quitting his job at Navarro Security Group, 29-year-old Jonathan Lee Eubanks decided to skip flaming his old employers on social media and hopped straight to hacking their security systems instead.

Although, Eubanks did have his crimes planned for quite some time. Before quitting, he installed software on an ex-co-worker’s system that allowed him remote access.

Utilizing the software to log into Navarro Security Group’s mainframe, Eubanks proceeded to delete all of the files on one of the company servers – including client and employee databases, important files and forms related to scheduling and tracking, and various other documents.

In addition, Eubanks also got petty by redirecting the company’s website URL to another competing security firm. Emails were also sent to Navarro Security Group employees and clients – accusing the company of illegal practices.

Eubanks didn’t end his “fun” there:

“Weeks later, [Eubanks] placed a series of online orders for rifle scopes, survivalist gear, and electronics, using credit cards and names belonging to three people whose identities he had stolen.”

During the beginning of his court process, Eubanks lied to the jury; claiming to know nothing about the crimes. Despite his pleas, jurors still found him guilty of all charges.

“[This] does not punish the defendant for simply exercising his constitutional right to proceed to trial or even for exercising his right to testify. The Supreme Court has repeatedly held that a defendant’s right to testify does not include a right to commit perjury.”

Eubanks wrote in letters after his sentencing that he’d been under heavy influence of marijuana and alcohol during the trial. He also claimed an addiction to oxycodone. Despite his post-trial remorse, Eubanks is still forced to serve the 7 years he was sentenced.

In the future, ex-employees should really consider finding other means of closure after quitting/getting fired from a job – especially if your previous employer is a security firm.

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