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Anytime – A new Messaging app that going to be launched by Amazon

by Harikrishna Mekala

Amazon has started to examine its consumers regarding potential characteristics, although it’s not obvious what shape the final product will take.

The news tells that Anytime seems to be “an all-in-one innovation rich service that could indeed rival social networks,” with a center focus on messaging, voice and video calls, and photo sharing, with customers able to utilize filters to pictures and videos, @mention different users, use sticker and GIFs, and play games. Customers would be able to call (audio and video) other Persons or associations, contact companies to order goods or make reservations. According to the pictures taken from the survey, the service is protected and encrypted and would run on a variety of desktop and mobile devices.

Amazon has now made incursions into the messaging and communications market in recent periods. Earlier this year, it published Chime, a video conferencing app for its enterprise users, intended to compete with subsisting services such as Skype for Business or WebEx. Amazon also newly added voice calling and messaging characteristics to its Alexa-equipped devices. Anytime seems to be a more ambitious product, one meant to compete against messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. The News asked out to Amazon for commentary and said they will update if they hear back.

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