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Linux in Windows is not in Beta Stage Anymore

by Harikrishna Mekala

This will be fabulous news for the people who’ve held-back from using WSL as a mainline toolset: You’ll soon be capable of supporting WSL as a day-to-day developer toolset, and grow even more productive during building, testing, deploying and maintaining your apps and systems on Windows 10.

In fact, the only difference most developers will see is that the “Windows Features” will no longer show that WSL is a beta feature.

What will become is that you will obtain the added benefit of being able to file problems on WSL and its Windows tooling via our traditional support devices if you want/need to follow a more formal issue analysis process. You can further provide feedback via Windows 10 Feedback Hub app, which gives feedback immediately to the team.

We’ll still do our best to continue as active as ever to the bugs and problems you post to the WSL points GitHub repo and we’ll continue just as involved, seeking and answering to your questions, etc., on Twitter and wish continue monitor and participate in conferences and acknowledge questions on discussions and sites like Stack Overflow, Ask Ubuntu, Reddit and others.

So, do continue to let Microsoft know if you run into issues, and/or have questions, and we’ll continue to improve WSL to support our key scenarios.

  • Run Linux Command-line apps for development and (basic) administration
  • Share and open files on the Windows filesystem of within Linux
  • Invoke Windows processes from Linux, e.g.
    ~$ cd /mnt/c/temp/ && echo “Hello” > hello.txt && notepad.exe hello.txt
  • Invoke Linux methods from Windows command-line, e.g.:
    C:\> bash -c “fortune | cowsay”

And there are a few of things we explicitly do NOT support:

  • Linux distro’s working atop WSL are for interactive user situations, NOT for working production workloads on Apache/Nginx/MySQL/MongoDB/etc.
  • Linux records are NOT accessible from Windows (we’re working to improve this scenario over time)
  • NO prevailing plans to support X/GUI apps, desktops, servers, etc. at this time

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