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Fake Server Locations are being used by VPN’s to trick customers

by Harikrishna Mekala

VPNs that say you’re connected to a server in one country while actually routing your data into another. RestorePrivacy lately took a narrow glimpse at what some VPNs are telling when they give you a server in another range, versus what they’re really doing while they connect users. And the two continue matching up.

Many favorite VPN help lets users pick which nation or city their data runs through, confirming the address that you’re getting from as, say, London while you’re really in Paris. This can be possible when you’re a Brit moving abroad and just need to watch your BBC shows or need to keep your IP location consistent so social media sites like Facebook don’t freak out while you log in while on the go.

In the interest to these issues, RestorePrivacy showed out that VPN execution suffers when the genuine server is significantly far away than you require it to be. In its post, they looked out an additional issue that consumers “aren’t seeing the true server positions they paid for” and that “using bogus server areas raises issues about the VPN’s fairness.”

It can be harmful to people’s safety if a server that’s assumed to be in Saudi Arabia is truly in Los Angeles, California which is a genuine example of bait-and-switch claims RestorePrivacy found in their VPN server application research.

RestorePrivacy studied at VPN services ExpressVPN, Hidemyass, and PureVPN.

Each of the companies was discovered to be telling one thing to customers about server places, while in practice really doing something totally different.

With ExpressVPN they discovered 11 fake server locations; they named 5 fake server locations with PureVPN but said: “There are significantly more.” Regarding the Hidemyass case of “physical servers in 190+ countries,” restore privacy’s post countered stating if users believe that, “I have a Big Bridge to sell you.”

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