Samsung awards up to $200,000 for discovering bugs in its products

South Korean giant Samsung Electronics has published the official launch of the mobile bug bounty Program, which promises big awards of up to $200,000 for Critical security issues in Samsung mobile devices and services.

According to Samsung:
“The rewards program kicked off with a pilot in January 2016 to ensure an efficient and productive public introduction to the broader security community.”

“Samsung’s Mobile Security Rewards program is the latest initiative to demonstrate the company’s steadfast commitment to enabling secure experiences for all its customers.”

The bug bounty program includes 38 Samsung mobile devices which are still getting monthly and quarterly security updates. Depending on the severity level of the exposed vulnerabilities, the program will range between $200 and $200,000.

“The program will cover all of Samsung’s mobile devices currently receiving monthly and quarterly security updates, a total of 38 devices*. In addition, the program will reward submissions for potential vulnerabilities in the latest Samsung Mobile Services, including Bixby, Samsung Account, Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass, among others. Dependent upon the severity of a given submission, as well as the researcher’s ability to provide proof of concept, Samsung will issue rewards of up to $200,000.”

Samsung promises that it will respond to reports within a maximum of 48 hours upon receiving the initial report.

The company takes security and privacy issues very seriously, and as an appreciation for enhancing the security of the products and minimizing risk to the end-consumers, they are offering a bug bounty program.

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