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What Is Database Security?

by Unallocated Author

Most modern companies depend heavily on the data saved in their database systems. From sales transactions to HR (human resources) records, mission-critical, sensitive information is tracked within these systems. From the viewpoint of security, it is very important that business and systems administrators take the proper precautions to ensure that these systems and apps are as secure as possible.

If your organization handles any data about clients, suppliers, or the wider community, then it will have some kind of database where this is saved. Sometimes this information can be sensitive and secret, and can be subject to strict privacy agreements.

For instance, your clients may provide you with an email address, postal address, and mobile number when they buy something from you. You will most likely save this data somewhere. But, if other people succeed to get their hands on it or if cybercriminals obtain access, you could be subject to strict legal action from the people whose privacy has been compromised.

Fundamentally, database security secures any sensitive data that your organization may have saved in databases. It decreases the chance of this data being stolen, and secures you from the associated legal problems that would happen if it was to be stolen.

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