Big Time Deep Web Firearms Dealer Arrested in Spain

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A huge win for authorities in Spain came recently when a 24 year old unnamed man was arrested for buying and selling large quantities of firearms and other weapons using the Deep Web.

Local officials, along with numerous other European police entities, have been on the hunt for those dealing in weapons and firearms via the many Deep Web marketplaces.

The criminal in question was a resident of Pamplona but also maintained a home in Barcelona, which he frequented often for his illegal weapons dealings.

When police were able to narrow down the man and his home a search was executed immediately. During the search, officials recovered various amounts of homemade weapons, a large amount of gun powder, 22 guns and more than 1500 euros.

The 24 year old Dark Web weapons dealer supplied weapons to several countries including Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Asia and, of course, his own country of Spain.

Authorities were able to intercept many of his recent weapons sales before being received by buyers in multiple locations including Germany and the United Kingdom.

Digging even further into the operation, police discovered that many of the weapons were originally from a Slovakian base. Not well known until recently, this Slovakian base made headlines for supplying all of the firearms and other weapons used in the 2015 attack in Paris.

Leaving over 100 people in critical condition and at least 130 dead, the weapons supply line from this Slovakian base was nothing short of large-scale.

This particular bust was just one of many in the fight European authorities have waged against weapons dealers using the Deep Web and also part of an operation called RUGER.

A multitude of police departments and entities, including Interpol, have successfully shutdown a considerable amount of arms dealers during operation RUGER. One can only hope their efforts continue to prevail.

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