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Introducing Loopix: A New Anonymity Service That Changes the Game

by Unallocated Author

In today’s fast-paced, digital world, our lives on the internet are evolving and changing constantly. It’s our own responsibility to take the necessary steps needed to protect ourselves so that we can enjoy the World Wide Web like we are supposed to.

In a perfect world, socializing and shopping online shouldn’t come with warning labels but we don’t live in a perfect world. With good comes evil, there is no way around that, especially on the internet we know today. Between government entities increasingly picking apart our digital privacy rights and vicious online criminals committing a multitude of crimes against innocent users, the web is far from safe.

Fortunately for us, University College London has a dedicated team of tech savvy researchers committed to giving privacy control back to the people who need it most. The team has developed a new anonymization service called Loopix. It has been specifically designed to protect it’s users and their online communication activities from being monitored or intercepted by third parties.

Although there are plenty of other useful anonymization services available to the public online, Loopix is different because of it’s main focus on user communication privacy. No one accessing the system can see if another user is currently online or off, which may sound minuscule but isn’t. In reality, it is very necessary in order to maintain the level of cyber security one should have to safely navigate the web.

Loopix provides user anonymity by utilizing Poisson mixing and cover traffic. Poisson mixing is basically a strategic way to include independent delays to messages sent through the service, allowing for more protection.

Cover traffic is another important aspect to the Loopix service, which helps to maintain total privacy to the user by essentially masking your traffic within the service to any possible onlookers. Overall, Loopix is being revered as a major advancement in the restoring of our right to privacy while online.

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