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Barbados to Increase Laws Against Cyber Crime

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The Caribbean island of Barbados has seen a serious rise in instances of cyber crime and they’re putting their foot down. In order to better combat the problem, the Minister for Telecommunications in Barbados, Senator Darcy Boyce, announced the revising of several laws in order to fight cyber criminals. They plan to revise the Copyright Act, Telecommunications Act, Electronic Transfer Act, and the Computer Misuse Act.

Barbados has been involved with a crime security agenda for years, starting in 2013 even though cyber crimes weren’t much of a problem for them at that time. Unfortunately, as technology has evolved and taken over many aspects of the world we live in today, internet based crime rates have flourished. Officials aim to strengthen their cyber defense systems to battle the problem using a number of tactics but the first step is to increase the laws.

Criminals of this nature used to be of relatively low threat. However, in recent years, they have came a long way with intelligence, organization, and arming themselves with serious weaponry.

It has been found that these cyber criminals are much smarter than the average person and have exploited their knowledge to commit an array of internet based crimes. They are working in groups and are sophisticated in their methods of defrauding, blackmailing, and scheming innocent internet users.

Law enforcement has begun targeting these criminals right back with a much more aggressive manner than ever before. But, until these laws are officially and properly revised, the hands of law enforcement can only reach so far when charging and punishing those committing cyber crime.

Barbados officials are confident that the increasing of their laws against internet related crimes will positively affect the community and will continue to protect their citizens as well as victims from other countries.

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