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CoinPouch Blockchain Wallet Has Been Hacked!

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Users of CoinPouch wallet have lost over $655,000 worth of Verge cryptocurrency this week, CoinPouch said on its official Twitter that one in all its nodes containing Verge foreign coin has been hacked.

According to CoinPouch:
We discovered a hack of a @vergecurrency node that is connected to Coinpouch which resulted in the loss of user’s funds. We are preparing a statement of the hack and the actions we are taking regarding the hack.

The company said that the following wallet address (DM5Esw71BnTdJzX1FWpNLvdnrLuCS91v4N) hold the stolen coins. By looking at the wallet address, it seems that there are over 126 million Verge (XVG) coins in the wallet which is around $668,532.

CoinPouch has later reached cryptocurrency exchange platforms and required them to blacklist the thief’s wallet, wishing to trap the funds inside.

Verge has blamed CoinPunch for not securing their platform and they said:
“our condolences to all customers that had their funds saved on coinpouch. hopefully we are able to discover out what occurred. appears the cash have ended up at this handle: DM5Esw71BnTdJzX1FWpNLvdnrLuCS91v4N”

CoinPouch is currently waiting for the Thanksgiving related holidays in the United States to continue its investigation into the hack.

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