HP has been detected installing a new spyware!

HP has been detected deploying a new spyware on its Windows 10 PCs without informing users or asking their permission to gather data. Multiple HP owners from around the world have reported the “HP TouchPoint Analytics Client” is connecting every day to upload different data to HP’s servers.

According to one of the HP owners:
I noticed that HP secretly installed the program “HP Touchpoint Analytics Client” on all my HP devices on November 20, 2017.

The program connects every day to HP. The files sent can be found under “Program Data/HP/HP Touchpoint Analytics Client/Transfer Interface”

Another post on an HP support forum notes:
“I noticed my mouse lagging significantly on Chrome, went to Programs & Features in Control Panel on my Windows 7 HP desktop and saw this ‘HP Touchpoint Analytics Client’ was installed on my PC without my permission on 11-17-17.”

HP announced that it has been shipping the same software on HP laptops since 2014 as part of its Support Assistant software, the company also said that it only gathers anonymous data about the computer’s hardware performance.

If you don’t want this app “HP Touchpoint Analytics Client” to send data to HP’s servers, you can simply disable the service or uninstall the software completely. You can do this easily from the Windows control panel.

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