“Performance Not Affected by Chip Updates”, Says Intel

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Intel came under the spotlight when cyber researchers found out about the vulnerabilities found in the Intel microprocessors.

It became clear when Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, revealed to CNBC that a Google researcher advised and cautioned Intel about the forthcoming circumstances nearly 2 months ago.

Google later identified their researcher as Jann Horn while recommending the updates and upgrades of systems to their uses to help stay away from hazards.

Spectre and Meltdown were the two major vulnerabilities that were detected and uncovered by the researchers.

Major names including Apple have confirmed the risk, hence there is a need to be more careful if you wish to stay safe.

After the discovery, experts worked on the security patches and mitigations, that would protect against the vulnerabilities.

Intel was quick to respond and came up with patches for security, however experts predicted that these updates would affect CPU usage by around 30 percent.

Intel, on the other hand, rejected the claim ensuring that the updates will not affect performance.

Google, Apple and Amazon seems to agree with Intel, hence there is no need to worry about the new updates.

Though no attacks have been reported so far, still there is a need to be quick and update your systems as soon as possible to prevent any damage.



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