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Employees Confused About Cyber-Security Responsibilities

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40% of the employees of any organization are of the view that they have no responsibility of keeping the information secure which shown the deficiency of a comprehensive strategy in the systems to cope with the threats associated with cyber-crime.

The federal government has promised that cyber-security will be top-of-mind for a news cycle with 1/2 a billion-dollar line items for cyber-security in the recent federal budget, accepting the fact that there is a growing need for cyber security as a very important part of the “public commons.”

While the government has updated its strategy for the cyber-security business, now it is about that time that public especially those employed in private companies also realizes the need to take an equally thorough look at what they must do now and start considering cyber-security to be their business too not just government’s alone.

The findings of a survey that was conducted on Canadians shows that how increasingly susceptible it is to get hacked employing practices which are unsafe e.g. using public how rec Wi-Fi. If once breached, you will either get a virus on your computer or you will end up having your device breached into.

As data breaches have now become increasingly common, organizations should come up with some proactive solutions from a perspective which suits both, an individual and a group.

Individuals can always get benefit from security awareness, irrespective of an employee’s digital literacy. The most tech-savvy or maybe a well-known fact is it that the people tend to talk less and text more. The report clears the fact that nowadays people are not well aware of their responsibilities and so sometimes even end up getting fooled into doing work not actually meant for you to do!
Source: TheStar

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