Amazon has developed a Voice Sniffer Algorithm that could analyse conversations

When you say Hey! Alexa, The Amazon’s Smart Speaker starts up using an Artificial Intelligence and clever voice recognition algorithm. Now the company has registered a new patent on what’s known as Improved Voice Recognition. This is a feature that actually listens to your conversations all the time to analyse them.

The Patent is registered under the name of “Voice Sniffer Technology”

“The more words they collect, the more the company gets to know you,” Daniel Burrus, a tech analyst with Burrus Research Associates, Inc., told News. “They are building a personality profile on the user.”

The Research Associate is saying that specific words trigger the Voice Sniffer to Analyse the Voice Data examples include “prefer”,” bought” and negative triggers such as “hate” will be captured. The device also analyses the adjacent audio.

The identified keywords can be stored and transferred to an appropriate cloud accessible to entities such as advertisers and marketers for better customer retention and sales. Amazon could offer “personalized offers on products, encourage a user to take action, or better persuade someone to buy a product,” Burrus said of the pending patent.

The data could be available to friends of the user for buying gifts, according to the patent However The patent has not yet been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO),tech businesses often file hundreds, if not thousands of Patents a year. However, not every patent is approved by the USPTO.

Amazon was granted 1963 patents in 2017, which is relatively small when compared to companies like Samsung which filed more than 6000 granted patents. IBM took the lead with 9000 granted patents.

“This further builds on Alexa and more data intelligence and analysis through voice that is a major initiative for Amazon,” he said. “This algorithm would possibly feed from Alexa into the rest of the Amazon consumer flywheel, ultimately helping drive purchasing and buying behavior of Prime members.”

The patent didn’t mention that whether the user will receive an option to deactivate and activate that feature which raises a lot of security concerns.

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Source: ABCNews

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