Aftermath of Many Recent Cyber-Attacks On Schools and Banks Has Caused Positive Improvements

With recent cyber-attacks on schools and banks, Murrieta Valley Unified School District has decided to take a step forward and offer courses in cyber security

The plan right now is to open the facility with 11 classrooms; all dedication to career technical education. This facility is said to open in August by officials of Murrieta Valley Unified School. This building will also include 2 rooms for other courses and will cost around $11 million.

This institute will replace nearly a dozen portable classrooms. Assistant superintendent of facilities, Bill Olien claims that, “Everyone is extremely excited.” Bill Olien even led a construction tour which included state Sen. Jeff Stone, R-Temecula.

Many of the courses in the new building including audio technology, sports, and medicine and law enforcements have already been taught at the school. Apart from addition in classrooms, the facility will also have a sound booth and computer networking equipment.

District officials claim that, “The new building will pool together current career-focused courses and sprinkle in new ones, such as cyber security and advanced manufacturing.”

Mary Walters, the districts executive director of secondary education says that, “When students are done, they earn an industry certification or the ability to use the courses toward credit at other colleges.”

She also adds saying, “We want to ensure that all of our students are college and career ready.”

This step towards better cyber security is excellent for the future of the country.

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