Microsoft Temporarily disabled update to build 1803 on PCs that are running Avast!

An influx of comments have been appearing on Reddit stating that all Windows PCs that are running Avast anti-virus are not receiving the April 2018 update. The exact version in question is 1803.

Microsoft temporarily disabled the updates on version 1803 on PCs with Avast. We are working together with Microsoft to find out the cause of this issue, but unfortunately right now neither Microsoft or us are able to reproduce the issue.

Many users have began to see this issue from May 20th. While the update is prompting the users to upgrade the OS, when it is attempted the update fails. Upon restarting, the computer boots to a blue screen requesting the user to choose a keyboard language. After doing so, a few options are presented, including to ‘boot from another operating system’. Clicking here will take the user to a different blue screen with three options to continue “booting”.

  1. Windows Rollback
  2. Windows 10 on Volume [x]
  3. Windows 10 on Volume [x]

Nearly everyone affected have reported the same issue and also confirmed that they have been using Avast Anti virus with some  users reporting they have been using AVG anti-virus.

After some time the moderator MartinZ commented that Microsoft has stopped pushing the upgrades to the machines running Avast Anti-virus. One of the employees from the Avast posted the following:

For all users with failed W10 1803 update: Can you please provide Windows update logs from “C:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\Panther\” folder.

Microsoft has provided an acknowledgement for the bugs in the 1803 upgrade with Intel SSD6 solid state drives. AVG has also joined the list of Bugs in the April 2018 upgrade. It must be noted that Surface Pro (2017) and Surface Book are also getting these errors.

Have you been affected by this issue?. let us know your thoughts.

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