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Chinese Internet Cafes Hacked: Siacoin Cryptocurrency Worth 800K Mined

by Unallocated Author

Internet cafes in China have been targeted by an unknown group of hackers who have managed to hack 5 million Yuan worth of Siacoin cryptocurrency, which equates to approximately $800K in total.

It is estimated that more than 10,000 internet cafe computers were hacked in at least 30 cities of China. Such incidents have been happening in China for a year now, but only recent investigations revealed that it was all the doings of one group.

How Did They Hack The Computers?

It is believed that the hackers have made some kind of an advanced malware that can penetrate into a device and mine cryptocurrencies through it.

But the question remains how they were able to attack such a large number of computers. Latest reports believe that computer maintenance firms are to blamed for this.

Reports suggest that these firms helped hackers infect computers while performing routine checkups.

The stolen currency would then be split among the hackers and these firms who helped them.

How Far Has The Investigation Led?

A total of 16 suspects have been arrested so far by the RuiAn police and are being questioned by the concerned authorities. As for the computer firm that helped the hackers, its Chief Executive Officer has also been apprehended. He is the one who gave details about the group and its involvement in the hack.

The Bottomline

The suspects are being interrogated and it is believed that the entire hacking group would soon be apprehended.

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