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Croatian Star Footballer Dejan Lovren’s Social Media Accounts Hacked

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Dejan Lovren who can currently be seen playing for Croatia in the World Cup has been winning many hearts, however it has now been announced that a fan hacked into Lovren’s social media accounts to get private information.

Lovren was made aware of the hack when private documents were being circulated by the hacker to other footballers using Lovrens contacts list. The other footballers reported this and Lovren reported the hack to the police. The police then arrested 22 year old Peter Doswell from the Scottish Borders for the hack.

According to reports, Doswell has been a part of similar hacks in the past and is not new to hacking celebrities specifically targeting footballers.

What Was Hacked?

About 150 family photos, pictures of ID card, financial details, eight text documents related to property purchase and even a letter from his club disclosing his address was found on the hacker’s computer.

He also accessed contact details of two other teammates, Emre Can and Adam Lallana. The hackers sent them messages on their social media accounts and even personal numbers, asking many personal questions.

There were phishing software and hacking tools found on the culprit’s computer through which he hacked accounts.

Lovren’s Social Media Accounts Hacked: Was The Hacker Punished?

His lawyer told the court that third parties used him to make the hack possible due to him having a low IQ and him not being an experienced hacker.

He’s been put under 27 months of supervision, including inspection of the devices he uses.

He’s been also ordered to do unpaid community work of 225 hours.

Lovren’s Social Media Accounts Hacked: The Bottomline

Hackers like these need to be dealt with strictly because the damage they do can be serious. Lovren did not directly comment on the instance but due to the hack revealing a lot of his personal details we can imagine the experience to be greatly unsettling.

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