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WindowsSpyBlocker – Free Tool To Prevent Tracking and Spying

by Unallocated Author

Thinking someone is spying on you is one of the most unsettling feelings ever, I must say. While the victim may hate this, there are indeed people out there who gain pleasure in spying and tracking, whether for nefarious purposes or just for the fun of it.  Put your mind at ease by getting the WindowsSpyBlocker and block all spying and/or tracking.

What is WindowsSpyBlocker?

This is a tool dedicated to blocking spying and tracking. The application is made using the Go programming language. This program captures and analyzes network traffic based on a bunch of tools. From its name, I presume we can all guess which operating system it runs on. Windows 7 SP1, Windows8 and Windows 10 are the options.

How do you get WindowsSpyBlocker?

Thankfully, it comes packaged in a light executable available here. Good thing the executable file can be downloaded, an option for anyone who hates typing out specific download commands in the command line. The current release is as small as 5.5MB, so it should not cost much time or data to download. The executable file can be launched for installation.

How to use it?

It seems like not much of an installation takes place, because the console comes up as soon after permission to run is granted.

The first thing to do is to turn on your internet connection, if it isn’t turned on already. An error shows up if not.

With connection handled, it’s easy to figure it out. The commands are laid out on the console with descriptions of what each one does.

The main block features “Telemetry” and “Dev” blocks which can be launched by entering 1 and 2 respectively. These commands bring about more sub-commands. Looking at the description which appears tells the purpose of everything.

Hierarchically, it looks could be something like this:

  1. Telemetry: Block telemetry and data collection
    • Firewall: Add or remove firewall rules and resolve IPs addresses.
      • Add extra rules.
      • Add spy rules.
      • Add update rules.
      • Remove WindowsSpyBlocker rules.
      • Display your current WindowsSpyBlocker rules.
    • Apply an alternate NCSI and test your internet connection the Microsoft way.
      • Display your current NCSI values.
      • Apply Microsoft WindowsSpyBlocker NCSI.
      • Apply Microsoft NCSI
      • Test the internet connection.


  1. Dev: Several tools used by WindowsSpyBlocker
    • Proxifier: Extract events from log file.
    • Sysmon: Install/Uninstall Sysmon and extract events from EUTX file.
    • Wireshark: Extract events for PCAPNG file filtered by IPv4 hosts.
    • Test: Test firewalls IPs and hosts lookup
      • Test firewall IPs.
      • Test domain lookup.
    • Diff: Generate a diff log based on CSV data.
    • Merge: Merge firewall and hosts data to multi format.
    • Extract embedded data in the current folder.

Basically, results gotten vary as per command entered. The many commands can’t be shown in action. Here is what it could look like after the “Test the internet connection” option listed above:


What Bunny rating does it get?

WindowsSpyBlocker is a fantastic, easy to use tool with an excellent motive in helping avoid you being traced and speed upon.  As a result we have decided to give this tool a very respectable rating of 4/5 bunnies.


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