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Tesla Plan To Release Source Code For Their In-Car Security Technology

by Harikrishna Mekala

Elon Musk posted on Twitter that he is planning to open-source Tesla vehicle security software so other car makers can take advantage of their code and potentially collaborate when improving security features.

Musk didn’t provide an actual timeline for the release of the source code; it may take years. If car makers truly embrace this move there will be a singular security module that would allow all car manufacturers to contribute to Tesla’s source code.

The code will also provide a boost for connected car security as it will improve the usage of common frameworks for safeguarding networked vehicles. Tesla’s framework may become the baseline for companies and save them time in needing to develop their own security modules.

Tesla would also benefit from open sourcing the code as it would allow security developers to contribute and potentially patch issues that were previously overlooked.

This gesture might help ensure the company becomes the market leader for self-driving cars. Whether automakers base their security code on Tesla’s or not, they’ll need to ensure that safety is a top priority as autonomous cars improve and become more commonplace in the automotive market.

Back in May, the company shared its source code for auto-pilot (Self Driving) and their infotainment systems that run on the Model S and Model X. Gestures such as these may ensure developers and investors increase their trust in Tesla.

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