Firefox Will Block Web Trackers By Default From The Next Update

The Mozilla Foundation has announced that Firefox will begin blocking web trackers by default from the next update. The web trackers are mainly used for targeted advertising and user data collection. Mozilla wants to protect its users from the trackers and hopes that by blocking these trackers the performance and privacy of the browser is increased.

What are the tracking features that are built into the new version of Firefox?

The Mozilla Foundation has shared the details about their three tracker-blocking features that will be built into the next version of the Firefox. You can read their full announcement here.

  1. The trackers that are slowing down the page loads will be removed
  2. The trackers that use cross-site tracking will be blocked and also the browser blocks the storage access to third-party tracking.
  3. The trackers that fingerprint the user’s browser will be blocked immediately.

Google Chrome has started blocking some ads by default and also Mozilla views Firefox blocking as the extension of the pop-up blocker.

Is the tracking protection available in the nightly build of Firefox?

The feature is currently active in Firefox nightly build which also consists of the latest code packages every night for bleeding-edge testers. The first two protections are already available to use in the latest version of the Firefox build.

There is a new toggle called content blocking. When enabling that feature the user can select the trackers that are to be blocked by the user. This feature will be on by default from the Firefox 63.

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