DDOS on Bank of Spain Claimed by Anonymous Catalonia

The Central Bank of Spain was offline for a week due to a DDoS attack which was claimed by the hacktivist group Anonymous Catalonia. The attack started on Sunday and continued through until Monday. The attack was due to a  protest where #OpCatalonia requested the government to arrest Catalan political leaders over the region’s fight for independence last year.

The group used the famous #TangoDown to announce their distributed Denial-of-Service-Attack was successful and they have also shared the proof that the server hosting the bank’s website was down all over the world. A representative of the bank has announced that their organisation was hit by a DDoS attack that allows intermittent access to the website, however the attack didn’t affect the operations of the Entity.

Banco de España is just one of the newest victims of the hacktivist group, who commenced the assault on Spanish government websites on August 20. Their main focus was on the official websites of the Constitutional Court and the economy of the foreign ministries. On Aug 19th the group announced their protest against the government.

Another member of the group has posted a list of potential targets that have been brought down by #OpCatalonia, the Bank of Spain is not among them.

When running a DDoS is common for the Hacktivists to rent the service for a period of time, once the service runs out of money the incoming bad data traffic from the website returns to the normal activity.

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