Staff at Amazon Being Investigated Over Selling of Customer Data

Amazon have confirmed that there is an internal investigation currently occurring over allegations that staff have been stealing confidential customer data and selling it to the third party customers, specifically in China, this practice by the employees of the company has of course violated Amazon’s policies.

Who published the report of the Internal Investigation?

The news was initially reported by WSJ when it was discovered that some of the company’s staff have been selling customer data.

“Employees of Amazon, primarily with the aid of mediators, are offering internal data and other confidential information that can give an edge to self-supporting merchants selling their products on the site, according to sellers who have been offered and purchased the data, as well as brokers who present it and people familiar with internal investigations.” reads the report published by the WSJ.

How much money do company’s pay for such data?

WSJ have referred to intermediaries in Shenzhen working for group employees and selling information between $80 and $2000 USD.

“We have zero tolerance for abuse of our systems and if we find bad actors who have engaged in this behavior, we will take swift action against them, including terminating their selling accounts, deleting reviews, withholding funds, and taking legal action,” the statement said.

A spokesperson from Amazon has said that the company are conducting an internal investigation

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