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Google Chrome Secretly Logs Users Activity On Google Sites

by Abeerah Hashim
SH1MMER exploit for Chromebooks

The launch of Google Chrome 69 kept everyone enthralled with a trail of reports for some new features. In one instance, it facilitated users by introducing the random password generator. Whereas, on the other hand, it infuriated many people by announcing the removal of ‘www’ and ‘m’ subdomains from the URL. Nonetheless, the decision was withdrawn in this version due to outrage from users. We now have a report about another nasty feature in this Chrome version. Reportedly, Google Chrome secretly logs your activity whenever you visit a Google website.

Google Chrome Secretly Logs User Activities With “Chrome Sync”

Many of you might have already switched to the latest Chrome 69 browser. While exploring the features, you may not have noticed a new option that remained unannounced. Nonetheless, through this particular option, Google Chrome secretly logs users’ activities upon visiting a Google website.

Known as “Chrome Sync”, the tool utilises an auto-login mechanism for users. Hence, anyone browsing through a Google-owned website after logging-in (for instance, Gmail) would instantly be syncing their browsing details to Google.

What’s more problematic for many users is that Google simply logs the browser to your Google account without prior notice. It means you will get no intimation when Google starts syncing your browser.

Regarding why Google made this change, a Chrome engineer said in their tweet.

Nonetheless, she further explains that this feature does not automatically send a user’s browsing history to the Google account. The moment a user signs-in to their Google account on any website, the browser window starts showing the account’s profile picture as the signed-in user. This gives an indication about your current logged-in state.

After that, the moment you sign-out of a website, your Google account logs off  from the browser as well.

Turning Off ‘Chrome Sync’

While the sync option isn’t new in Chrome, it didn’t previously have this auto-login mechanism. However, with the recent change, people now look for ways to get rid of this seemingly unnecessary login.

Well, turning this option isn’t difficult. Here is what a tweet explains to us.

According to Adrienne Porter Felt, the Sync option does not turn on automatically. Rather activating this option requires an additional step by the user. Nonetheless, people are skeptical regarding the actual behavior of this tool. Thus, anyone having doubts about the feature may choose to turn it off.

Would you prefer using Chrome Sync as it is, or would you turn it off? Do share with us your thoughts by commenting below.

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