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British Teenager gets 3 year sentence for DDoS and False Bomb Threats

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Recently, the Luton Crown Court sentenced a British teenager for sending out false bomb threats and carrying out DDoS attacks. The accused also made prank calls to the airlines authorities, claiming that his daughter, who was on the plane was attacked by hijackers.

The teenager, identified as George Duke-Cohen, is better known as “DoubleParrallax” and “7R1D3N7”. Duke-Cohen is also the head of Apophis squad that sent out thousands of false bomb threats to several schools in the US and UK.

The Sentence

Apparently, Duke-Cohen pleaded guilty before the honourable Court and was sentenced for a period of 3 years. The Court reportedly sentenced the teenager on two counts for a period of 3 years despite being Autistic. The teenager who pleaded guilty has received a sentence of one year for the false bomb hoax and two years for falsely claiming that a plane was hijacked.

While sentencing the teenager, Judge Richard Foster said

“You knew exactly what you were doing and why you were doing it, and you knew full well the havoc that would follow. You were playing a cat-and-mouse game with the authorities. You were playing a game for your own perverted sense of fun in full knowledge of the consequences.’

Although Duke-Cohen has pleaded guilty in Britain, he can still be indicted by the US Courts. However, Duke-Cohen does not have any previous criminal records.  In fact, the teenager is an IT dropout and son of a leading Solicitor. When the Authorities asked him if he needed to take any medications with him, he reportedly mentioned Vitamin D. It was later found out that Duke-Cohen seldom went out. Also, investigators later found out that he did not have too many real friends to hang out with.  The young man apparently spent most of his time programming on his computer and making phone calls from his bedroom.

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