Microsoft Fixed Windows 7 Remote Sharing And ‘Not Genuine’ Issues

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Once again, Microsoft had to release “fixes” to “fix” issues after rolling-out scheduled “fixes”. Following the patch Tuesday updates, Microsoft users began receiving “not genuine” notes for their legit Windows devices. Moreover, they also faced troubles with network sharing. After being advised of these issues, Microsoft advise they have fixed Windows 7 bugs.

Microsoft Fixed Windows 7 “Not Genuine” Problem After Updates

After installing the January Patch Tuesday updates, Microsoft users received “not genuine” notifications regarding the Windows 7 version installed in their devices. As well as these alerts, they also experienced problems with remote sharing, as the feature stopped working after the updates. While most users thought of it a consequence of Patch Tuesday, Microsoft revealed that it occurred for another reason.

According to Microsoft, the problems arose due to an update (KB 971033) to the Microsoft Activation and Validation. Regarding this update, Microsoft explained,

“This update for Windows Activation Technologies helps detect validation errors and activation exploits. This update also detects any tampering attempts made to important Windows 7 system files.”

Since the update occurred on January 9, 2019, a day after the release of Patch Tuesday, the users inadvertently considered it a Patch Tuesday result. Whereas, Microsoft elaborates that the two events are not related.

Explaining the problem, Microsoft stated in its notice,

“A recent update to the Microsoft Activation and Validation unintentionally caused a “not genuine” error on volume-licensed Windows 7 clients that had KB 971033 installed.”

As a solution, Microsoft strongly recommends uninstalling this update. It also recommends the same to the enterprise users, and to all users having “volume-licensed Windows 7-based devices” who haven’t witnessed this notification yet.

Microsoft Also Patched Remote Sharing Issue

Apart from the above-discussed issue, the other problem frustrating the users occurred with remote sharing feature. The admins couldn’t access network shares. To resolve this issue, Microsoft has released a fix. As stated in its advisory,

“This update resolves the issue where local users who are part of the local “Administrators“ group may not be able to remotely access shares on Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 machines after installing the January 8th, 2019 security updates.”

The users facing troubles with remote sharing were advised to ensure they are installing this update to remove the glitch.

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