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Users Complain Of A Skype App Bug That Answers Calls Automatically

by Abeerah Hashim
Skype android app bug

Earlier this year, Skype’s Android app made it to the news due to an authentication bypass vulnerability. Once again, a Skype Android app bug has surfaced online that annoys their users. Allegedly, many users have complained about automatic answering of calls on Skype that disturbs their privacy.

Skype Android App Bug Auto-Answering Calls

In a recent report, Android Police revealed how a Skype Android app bug has troubled users. The bug supposedly exists in the app’s automatic call answering feature, that toggles the functionality on even after the user disables it.

Reportedly, the first complaint of such a bug appeared on Microsoft forums in January 2019. The user ‘JasperKrap’ mentioned about how the Skype app on his Android 7 device automatically answers calls after a few seconds of ringing. The problem appeared instantly despite the dedicated “Answer incoming calls automatically” setting remained disabled.

In response to his post, several other users also reported the same issue. Trying trivial solutions such as reinstalling the app, clearing cache, deleting data, also failed to solve the problem for the users.

From the complaints of the users, it seemed down to a glitch that appears when users connect some smartwatches with the device, and, more precisely, when the Bluetooth connection is on. The bug hasn’t appeared in absence of these conditions.

A Patch Is On The Way

On January 23, 2019, a Microsoft agent responded between the comments that they will investigate the issue.

“Thank you for the information. We will have this issue investigated and will get back to you once we receive an update.”

While Microsoft rolled an update for Skype for Android in March, it didn’t patch this issue. On March 26, 2019, another user reported the same problem.

However, Microsoft now seems ready to release a fix as a patch appears in the Skype Insider Preview. After receiving a suggestion from another user to try the preview release, the complainant acknowledged that the problem didn’t appear again. So, the users, particularly those experiencing this glitch, may expect a patch to arrive soon.

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