Citrix Data Breach Compromised Information of Present And Ex-Employees Of The Firm

Another firm joins the trail of recent data breaches. This time, the incident happened at Citrix. As disclosed by the firm itself, the Citrix data breach exposed personal and financial information of current and previous employees of the firm to the attackers.

Citrix Data Breach Continued For Six Months

The latest victim of a security incident has confirmed the Citrix data breach in a letter sends to the affected individuals. As stated, the firm Citrix suffered a cyber attack that potentially impacted the details of current and former employees. The affected individuals may also include some beneficiaries and dependents.

According to the letter signed by the Peter Lefkowitz, Chief Privacy and Digital Risk Officer, the attack continued for about six months – that is, between October 13, 2018, and March 8, 2019. The firm received an alert from the FBI regarding the possibility of a security breach in March 2019. Further investigations confirmed the unauthorized access to the company’s internal network, which resulted in the exposure of data to hackers.

According to the investigations until now, the breached data may include details such as names, some employment data, social security numbers, and some financial information.

Investigations Still Underway

For now, Citrix has not revealed the specific number of individuals impacted. Nor they have given any firm conclusions regarding the breached information. They explain that they are still going on with the investigations.

Out of an abundance of caution, they have informed their present and previous employees of the incident. They also suspect their may be potential impact to some beneficiaries and dependents, whom they will inform accordingly.

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