Google Now Introduces Auto-Delete Controls For Activity And Location History

Google seems to have taken another bold step towards users’ privacy. After facing lots of criticism for collecting and abusing user data, they now have decided to empower users with privacy controls. As announced by Google, they have launched auto-delete controls for the users to manage activity data and location history.

New Auto-Delete Controls For User Privacy

As announced recently in a blog post, Google now offers auto-delete controls for the users. These controls will allow the users to better manage their privacy regarding activity data and location history.

Google has already provided the respective options to the users to manually control their privacy. Through these options, they can turn on or off the Location History and Web & App Activity logging features. However, the new options for auto-deletion will facilitate the users further as stated by Google:

“We’re announcing auto-delete controls that make it even easier to manage your data.”

Using the new options, the users can set up a specific duration for which they want their data to remain saved. They can select this duration to be anywhere from 3 to 18 months. Any data beyond the specified limit will be automatically wiped.

New Options Rolling Out Soon

Google usually tracks various information from users. These details precisely include Google searches, Android apps installation, usage logs, browsing history and location data. These details supposedly help Google to make their products more useful for the users.

Nonetheless, as stated, they introduced new options in the light of the feedback received to them regarding this data. With the release of these auto-delete controls, Google strives to facilitate users in managing their data privacy.

“You should always be able to manage your data in a way that works best for you.”

They also pledge to continue serving users with better options.

“We’re committed to giving you the best controls to make that happen.”

The new features will soon be available to users. Until then, one can manually control their location history and activity data logs.

Last month, Google also announced a dedicated new Policy Manager for handling Google ads.

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