WhatWeb – A Very Handy Open Source Web Scanner


Whatweb is web scanner written in Ruby to identify and recognise technologies used by a website including CMS, blogging platforms, statistic/analytics packages, Javascript libraries and much more interesting stuff, The best thing about Whatweb is that it contains more than 1800 plugins each one is specialized and grabbing some kind of information mentioned above,This Tool can also identify and grab email addresses, account ID’s, SQL errors and much important stuff

WhatWeb Features

* Over 1800 Plugins
* Basic HTTP Authentication
* Performace tunning. Control how many websites to scan concurrently
* Proxy support including tor
* IP address Ranges
* Fuzzy Matching
* Multiple log formats: Brief (greppable), Verbose (human-readable), XML, JSON, MagicTree, RubyObject, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, SQL.


Usage Verbose


git clone https://github.com/urbanadventurer/WhatWeb/
cd Whatweb
 ./whatweb [options]

PS: “WhatWheb” does not need any independent libraries it’s all compiled

Tips and Tricks

In order to launch Whatweb from any location in the terminal for Windows and none Debian you can follow this

For Windows:

 1 - You will need to install git
 2 - Open bash-cmd and type vim ~/.bashrc or nano ~/.bashrc depends on your favorite editor
 3 - type this command alias whatweb="/path/to/whatweb/script"
 4 - Save and exit
 5 - reload bash with source ~/.bashrc

For Other:

 Follow the same steps but you dont need to install git cause its already installed by defaults

What Bunny Rating Does it Get?

Whatweb is a sharp tool used by pentesters in the recon phase or information gathering phase in order to get maximum information about the target before digging into the web app
It will show the penetration tester what framework technologies are used by the website so have a mindset on what to do next after this phase

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