SniffAir – An Open Source Wireless Security Framework

SniffAir is an open source tool made for sophisticated wireless attacks and data capture, it handle all types of pcap files and analyze traffic through the network interface whilst looking for potential security flaws with prebuild queries. It also allows users to create custom queries for analyzing wireless data with its prebuild SQL database


SniffAir was developed in Python version 2.7
Tested and supported in most linux distros like “Kali, Debian and Ubuntu”

To Install

git clone
cd /SniffAir


In order to start using SniffAir, You need to create your own Workspace to keep your work clean and organised

We can then check modules that are available


Let’s try to crack a wifi password

1 – We will select our Workspace

2 – Show modules to see all available modules

3 – Select Auto-PSK

4 – We can see the options available to run the module

5- Insert required information to run the modules

6 – Now we can execute by typing run

P.S: Make sure the script is running with root privileges

SniffAir Syntax is similar to Metasploit Syntax

What Bunny Rating Does it Get?

SniffAir is a sharp tool used by Network analysists and penetration testing to perform advanced wireless attacks as well as capture Wifi traffic and look for known flaws within it. I am awarding it 4-5 bunnies

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