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Hacker Makes Fun of TOMS Shoes By Sending Out Newsletters From Their Compromised Mail Server

by Abeerah Hashim

If you have been a subscriber of TOMS Shoes, you may have received a strange email. As revealed, a hacker with the pseudonym “Nathan” attacked TOMS Shoes systems and accessed their mailing list. He then sent emails to users, leaving them a ‘friendly’ message.

TOMS Shoes Mailing List Hacked

Recently, subscribers of TOMS Shoes received some strange emails apparently from the firm. The content of the emails had a piece of advice for them. It asked the recipients to go offline and have some fun in the real world. Specifically, it read,

hey you, don’t look at a digital screen all day, theres a world out there that you’re missing out on. (:

After receiving these emails, users flooded Twitter with screenshots of these strange messages. It didn’t take much time for them to guess it was down to a hack.

Some of the recipients even praised the hacker for being nice.

It quickly turned out that the incident was real. According to Motherboard, the guy with the alias Nathan managed to hack TOMS Shoes mailing list. Nonetheless, it seemed to be more jokey rather than with malicious intent. He aimed to send a positive message. As he told Motherboard,

I had TOMS hacked for quite a while, but with a busy life and no malicious intent, it was pretty useless to have them hacked…
By this point responsible disclosure is not a option. So I thought I may as well send out a message I believe in just for fun. End purpose was to spread my message to a large amount of people.

He even reassured people about the safety of their data (at least from his side) via Tweets.

He also revealed what motivated the emails:

TOMS Confirmed The Attack

Following the incident, TOMS confirmed the attack on their official Twitter account.

While it didn’t take much for the users to guess the site was hacked, the firm itself took several hours to confirm. This enraged many users as well.


Currently, we don’t know many details about how exactly the events happened with TOMS. Nor has the hacker revealed how he got the mailing list.

TOMS has mentioned there will be ongoing investigations, let’s wait for the details to unveil.

Also, do let us know your thoughts about this incident.

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