Samsung Patched The Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Reader Flaw

A few days earlier, Samsung’s flagship phone came into limelight owing to a glitch. The fingerprint reader of Galaxy S10 had a flaw that led to a security breach. Fortunately, Samsung has now rolled out a fix for it.

Samsung Fixed Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Reader Flaw

Reportedly, Samsung has worked out a patch for the infamous security flaw in the Galaxy S10 fingerprint reader. The tech giant has begun rolling out the fix in a gradual manner, starting from South Korea.

Almost a week ago, a customer found that her new Galaxy S10 phone had a serious glitch. With an unbranded screen protector on her phone, she could unlock the device even with other users fingerprints.

Upon discovering the flaw, she reported the matter to Samsung, who acknowledged the vulnerability and scheduled a fix.

Now, the tech giant has begun to release OTA updates to customers. As revealed by Android Police, Samsung has first notified the customers about the upcoming update. In their notice, they also explained the reason behind the glitch. Precisely, the problem occurred when the fingerprint reader began recognizing the texture of the screen cover as part of the users’ fingerprint scan.

If you’ve used a screen cover, such as a silicon cover with a textured surface on the inside, the texture itself may be recognised as a fingerprint that can unlock your phone.

To address this issue, Samsung has rolled out the ‘Biometrics Update’ to all vulnerable devices.

Why Have I Not Received An Update Yet?

Samsung has confirmed that the glitch affected Galaxy S10, S10+, S10 5G, Galaxy Note10, and Note10+ devices. They have already released the fix in South Korea, whereas the US carriers are also receiving the patch as a 7mb update. Moreover, users in other countries will also receive a fix soon.

However, this one isn’t a universal update, rather it will only reach customers with registered fingerprints. The update notification has also specifically reached these users only. Whereas those who haven’t registered their fingerprints on their device shall not receive any update.

As for the registered users, the update notification will continue to appear on their devices unless they install the update.

Samsung recommends re-registering the fingerprints (very carefully) whilst deleting all previously-stored fingerprints. The re-registration should also be done with no screen covers on the device.

Once updated, please be sure to scan your fingerprint in its entirety, so that all portions of your fingerprint, including the centre and corners have been fully scanned.

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