US Fast Food Restaurant Krystal Warns Users Of A Security Breach

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US-based chain of restaurants Krystal has recently alerted customers about a security breach. As revealed, the security incident affected a payment processing system of the restaurant.

Krystal Discloses A Security Breach

The fast-food chain of restaurants Krystal has recently revealed a security breach. According to their notice, the incident affected one of the payment processing systems of the restaurant. Consequently, the payment cards processed through that system might have become a victim of the breach.

As stated by the firm,

We have learned that the security incident may have involved payment cards processed by a payment processing system used at certain restaurants between July through September 2019.

Krystal that has over 340 locations in Southern US, has presently not revealed any exact detail regarding the impacted locations.

Nonetheless, they have assured that a third of their restaurants remain unaffected by the incident.

They have also not mentioned yet any specific number of customers affected during the breach. Yet they pledge to provide updates to the users as they continue with their inquiry.

Our investigation is ongoing. We are still determining specific locations and dates for each restaurant involved in the attack…
Krystal will provide updates to guests once we have completed our investigation and know more about payment cards that may have been impacted.

Investigations Continue

Upon discovering the security incident, Krystal started investigations regarding the incident, involving a forensics firm and law enforcement authorities. Moreover, they have also mentioned in their notice that they have informed the payment card networks regarding these investigations.

For now, they assure that they have contained the attack. Yet, they urge all their customers to vigilantly monitor their account statements.

While our investigation continues, we would like to remind all of our guests to be vigilant and that it is always good practice to review your payment card statements regularly and report any unusual or unauthorized purchases to your financial institution.

A few months ago, another US-based food chain, Checkers and Rally’s, also suffered a cyber attack. Specifically, they faced a malware attack on their POS systems targeting over 100 locations.


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