Hacks of Instagram marketing to increase your ROI in 2020

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Looking for simple tricks to help you get ahead of the completion on Instagram?

Just like other marketers, you are probably searching for a method to hack the Instagram searching algorithm and increase your engagement.

With more than 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to grow your business. Almost all businesses are spending masses of money to gain followers and build sales funnel.

Among countless active marketers in each niche on Instagram, you cannot be successful simply by posting mediocre pictures. You have to think of a strong marketing strategy to increase your ROI.

In this article, we are going to describe simple ideas to help you post more efficiently and bring higher engagement rates.

Set your goals clearly

Although all marketing campaigns on social media are for boosting your business, you need to define clear and measurable goals in detail.

You had better sort some certain, achievable targets which can be calculated and analyzed during your social presence.

For instance, you can consider a certain amount of following, comments, likes, and shares. Also, try to set deadlines by then you expect to reach those objectives. By this method, you can check the changes in your results and enhance your strategies accordingly.

Clear objectives also give you control of your brand’s identity on Instagram and ensure that followers see what you decide to show them.

Try to get verified insistently

One of the most important means of getting more followers on social media is by getting verified. The blue badge of verification is a kind of confirmation indicating you are a valid source and a specific person or brand.

This will greatly help you gain the trust of your niche’s users and subsequently increase your followers. When social users see the verification mark on your account, they will consider you to be a well-known brand.

So, your engagement rate will significantly increase and therefore you can generate more leads and convert them to sales.

Recognize your audience exactly

Social media marketing is all about getting the attention of certain groups of people that will highly likely purchase your product/service. You should focus on the interests of the potential customers, not all social users.

Therefore, recognizing your target audience is paramount and without that, you cannot expect a high ROI. Try to sort your potential customers in terms of age, gender, position, and location, and target them accordingly.

Track your competitors carefully

If you want to get ahead of this wild competition on Instagram, you need to know your competitors’ strategies. Try to find the most important accounts related to your niche on Instagram and track their activities.

You can learn their ideas, themes, content, and more importantly reaching out to their followers.

Generate compelling content constantly

Content generation is at the core of every social media marketing strategy. If you want to reach the maximum followers possible, you need to be meticulous with content marketing.

Try to generate creative and informative content constantly to influence your niche audience. Work on the visualization of your content and repeat your message in different formats. Use all features of Instagram such as posts, Stories, and Live to market your product/service.

Take advantage of user-generated content to decrease content generation costs/time and also increase the engagement rate. Posting other users’ content can increase the possibility of getting shares and the visibility of the posts.

Use captions efficiently

Although Instagram is a multimedia-based platform, pictures and videos are not sufficient if you want to be seen in searches.

Short, creative, and keyword-focused captions work miracles on Instagram and put you on the top of search results. Captions also play a key role in getting engagement and gain the trust of your audience.

Search for the best captions in your niche using Google and try to come up with new ideas in your captions.

Leverage the power of hashtags thoroughly

Hashtags are at the heart of the Instagram searching algorithm and therefore are the most important means of increasing your posts exposure.

If you want to hack the browsing procedure of Instagram, hashtags are your best chance. Try to use all allowed number of hashtags by Instagram: 30 per post and 10 per story.

Try to create a set of unique hashtags and use all of them under your posts. This will save you time and prevent any mistakes.

Post your content timely

Apart from the quality of your content, your posting time is also paramount. You cannot expect the maximum exposure rate at any time you want.

There is not a certain formula to determine the best time for posting. Depending on the location of your followers, you can estimate the hours of each day in which the majority of your followers are online. Try to use social media automation tools to schedule your posts based on your accounts data.

Engage with your followers friendly

The engagement rate is one of the most important metrics of social media marketing. It will show you how well your strategies are working. So, you need to set aside certain times to engage with your audience and respond to their interactions.

We strongly recommend engaging with your followers at a personal level. This will cause your followers to trust in your brand and feel that they know what is behind the scene.

Engaging immediately after posting is the best strategy you can choose. Customers will keep purchasing from you when you are ready to respond to their questions and comments.

Collaborate with influencers organically

Influencer marketing has now become the most sought after means of building brand awareness. Numerous marketers believe that the return on their investment in influencer marketing is higher than other marketing strategies.

Therefore, you need to find niche relevant influencers and try to collaborate with them. According to Social Tradia, you cannot trust many influencers since their accounts on Instagram are fake.

So, try to use valid tools such as Awario and BuzzSumo to find the most sought after influencers in your niche.

The most recent trend in influencer marketing is building relationships with Nano-influencers. They are usually real customers who have less than 5,000 followers.

They can be your brand’s advocate if you can reach out to them wisely and offer them some extra benefits like discounted prices.

Analyze your performance regularly

Last but not least you need to track your social presence regularly and optimize your strategies accordingly.

Do not expect to have a similar result in 2020 with the same social activities of 2019.  Try to use social analytics tools to track your results on Instagram. They will provide you with insightful data into your performance.

Google Analytics is also a powerful tool by which you can analyze the quality and traffic of web pages and social accounts.

Final word

We have summarized several tricks of social media marketing on Instagram. Of course, there are many other techniques you need to know about to be successful on Instagram. For example, if you are a beginner you can use social escrow services in order to acquire and customize an Instagram account.


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