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Cruise Operator Carnival Corporation Disclosed Data Breach

by Abeerah Hashim
Carnival ransomware attack

Joining the list of cybersecurity victims, now comes the largest cruise line operator in the world, Carnival Corporation. As disclosed recently, Carnival cruise operator suffered a data breach affecting many of its customers.

Cruise Operator Carnival Data Breach

Reportedly, Carnival Corporation & plc, the British-American cruise ship operator, has suffered a data breach, losing customers’ data to hackers. Carnival Corporation & plc is presently the largest cruise operator in the world. It currently boasts a fleet of 100 vessels across 10 cruise line brands.

The incident surfaced online through a notification letter from the firm to its customers. The letter revealed that Carnival Corporation noticed some unauthorized activity on its network in May 2019. Upon investigating the matter, they confirmed that a breach had occurred.

Specifically, the attack lasted for over three months, which happened when the attackers gained access to employee email accounts.

It now appears that between April 11 and July 23, 2019, an unsanctioned third party gained unauthorized access to some employee email accounts that contained personal information regarding our guests.

Regarding the breached information, the company reveals that the attackers could steal personal information of its customers. To be precise, it includes names, Social Security numbers, addresses, govt. ID numbers, security numbers, and Passport or drivers’ license numbers. Some financial information such as credit card numbers, financial account data, and some health-related information was also discovered.

Investigation Underway

Presently, Carnival Corporation hasn’t mentioned the exact number of customers affected during the breach. However, they continue to investigate the matter while involving cybersecurity forensic experts. They have also informed law enforcement agencies about the matter.

They are reviewing their security procedures to prevent any further mishaps. Whereas, for now, they are offering free credit monitoring and identity theft services to the affected individuals.

While they assure no data abuse, they still advise the customers to remain vigilant against any fraudulent activities. For any details, customers can contact the firm via their toll-free number +1 (833) 719-0091.

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