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Spectrum Helps People Work at Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Mic Johnson

Without a doubt, we know the internet has become an essential tool for living. It has been integrated into almost every sector and processes.  An active subscription plan for internet service is needed to access the internet. The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down a lot of activities and businesses in the United States and other parts of the world, making the internet an even more important part of life.

Remote Working and Internet Access

Companies who can’t halt work have switched to remote working until the outbreak is under control. Getting adequate internet service that you will need for remote working, or school during this lockdown is not hard. Charter Communications (Spectrum) is one of the best internet service providers in the United States. Spectrum Internet prices are very affordable and they offer very fast internet speeds.

Spectrum Internet Service Self-Installation

As exciting as this sounds, you might also be thinking about social distancing being a barrier to the installation process. You don’t want to have a technician over at your house. You can’t be too careful as we try to reduce exposure and prevent the spread of the virus. Self-installation is a safe option for both customers and the Spectrum technicians. It is also nice to know that the Spectrum Internet installation process can be done without the physical presence of a technician. Yes, you can self-install your Spectrum Internet service if there is an existing internet cable connected to your home or you have one of the Spectrum TV Packages! You also get to save a few dollars that you would have spent in installation fees. Internet self-installation might seem like a tricky process, but you’re sure to get it right in almost no time.

Here’s a step by step guide to help you through the installation and get your internet ready to go!

1. Confirm That All is in Order

The first step to successfully installing your Spectrum internet is to check the installation kit to confirm that all is in order. See the welcome guide for graphic representations to help identify these parts.

Your Spectrum internet kit should typically contain the following items.

  1. The welcome manual which contains the installation guide
  2. One Modem
  3. One Wi-Fi router
  4. One Ethernet cable
  5. Two power cables
  6. One Coaxial cable

Kindly ensure that all the items listed above are in your kit (See the welcome guide for graphical representations to help identify these parts).  If any of the parts appear to be missing or not in good condition, reach out to Spectrum helplines on the kit immediately to get the parts replaced.

2. Connecting and Installing the Modem.

 This step would require that you have identified the parts listed in step one above.

Connect one end of the coaxial cable to the modem and connect the other end to the cable outlet available in your room. It might take a little while for the modem to connect to the network. Usually, between two to six minutes. Once the online signal light in front of the modem stops blinking, the modem is connected successfully.

3. Connecting the Modem to the Computer or Router

Once you have confirmed that the modem is online, you can proceed to connect one end of the ethernet cable to the modem and fix the other end directly to the computer or to the internet port of Wi-Fi router depending on which you intend to use to service your devices. After this is done, connect one end of the power cable that came in the internet kit to the compatible opening at the back of the Wi-Fi router, the other end goes into the electrical outlet. Be sure to observe safety procedures during electrical connections.

Once this connection is successful, the status light at the front of the router should remain constant (usually in less than ten minutes).

Connecting directly to the computer gives direct access to the internet connection from the modem. On the other hand, connection to the Wi-Fi router creates a network with internet access that allows several devices to connect wirelessly. Only devices with Wi-Fi access can connect to the router network.

4. Activating Internet Service and Connecting Devices

Once all the hardware connections are made, all that is left is activating the internet service and connecting your devices to the Wi-Fi. This process will require accessing the settings for the router. You will require an IP address login password and ID – all on the back of the router. Log in to the Spectrum site from your computer or mobile device with the login details found at the back of the router. Visit the spectrum internet service activation page (the website on the kit) or simply call the helplines if you run into difficulties during your self-installation. Professionals will be available to guide you through the process over the phone if you have a problem. The activation process should not take but a few minutes.

Advanced router settings can allow automatic selection of network frequency (5 GHz has the fastest internet speed but covers a smaller wireless range, 4 GHz has a slower speed but covers a longer wireless range when compared to 5 GHz). You can personalize the Wi-Fi router settings such as the Wi-Fi name, frequency selection, SSID, and password.

5. Wi-Fi Network Optimization

Finally, for a seamless flow of connection from the Wi-Fi router across to several devices connected to the network, it is recommended that the router be placed in a location that guarantees it’s receiving the highest signal and still distributing optimum signals across connected devices. Network and ID customization might be necessary to avoid mix-up in login credentials.

If you have successfully done the listed steps, you can stream, browse and download files from the internet at super-fast speeds thanks to Spectrum Internet

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