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Samsung Introduces New SE Chip With 6+ Certification Secure Device

by Abeerah Hashim
Samsung SE chips

Samsung has announced a new step toward ensuring secure devices. Reportedly, Samsung has developed a new SE chip security solution for its smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Samsung New Security Chips

In a recent press release, Samsung has announced the launch of a new Security Chip Solution. With this innovative solution, Samsung boasts to enhance the security of devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

The new Security Solution encloses a CC EAL 6+ certified-hardware Secure Element S3FV9RR chip and dedicated security software. This combo enables the Samsung Security Solution to manage tasks like booting, mobile payment, storage, and other apps securely. Thus, it is perfect for managing sensitive devices such as e-passports, flagship phones, and hardware cryptocurrency wallets.

Quoting the Senior VP of System LSI Marketing at Samsung Electronics, Dongho Shin, the press release reads,

In this era of mobility and contact-less interactions, we expect our connected devices, such as smartphones or tablets, to be highly secure so as to protect personal data and enable fintech activities such as mobile banking, stock trading and cryptocurrency transactions.

Hence, with this standalone security solution, Samsung aims at enhancing security on smart devices. Being standalone, this solution works independently of the main processor. Thus, it jazzes up the overall security of the device bearing these SE Chips.

Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Apart from enhancing intrinsic device security, the SE Chips Solution also comes with other features that protect against cyber attacks.

As elaborated, Samsung has coupled the SE Chip and Software with hardware-based root-of-trust (RoT), secure boot, and device authentication. Regarding the role of these features, Samsung states,

As a bootloader initiates, a chain of trust is activated through which each and every firmware with approved keys is sequentially validated. This secure booting process is handled by the RoT, guarding the device against any possible malicious attacks or unauthorized software updates.

At present, Samsung has publicly announced the launch of the new security solution. Whereas, it will supposedly be available within the third quarter of this year.

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