Mitsubishi And LG Recent Victims Of Ransomware Attack

Two corporate giants, Mitsubishi and LG have emerged as the latest ransomware victims. Though, the attack was from different threat actors.

LG Ransomware Attack

Reportedly, the tech giant LG has fallen prey to the Maze ransomware attack. The news surfaced online after the Maze ransomware operators disclosed the attack on their website.

According to BleepingComputer, the ransomware gang managed to steal about 40GB of source code from LG. They also shared different screenshots of various details stolen from the vendors to back their claim.

Regarding the extent of the attack, and the number of devices encrypted, Maze gang hasn’t disclosed any details yet.

Nonetheless, they threaten to publish the data online in case they don’t reach an agreement with LG regarding ransom payments. As per their statement to BleepingComputer,

Also, we would like to announce that in case of not contacting us today we will share information about attack on Lg. We downloaded 40GB of Python source codes from Lg. Developments for a biggest companies in US, we will share part of source code on Lg later.

LG has not commented yet on the matter.

Mitsubishi Ransomware Attack

Besides, LG, Mitsubishi also became a victim of ransomware attack around the same time.

However, in the case of Mitsubishi, the firm suffered an attack from the DoppelPaymer ransomware gang.

According to CoinTelegraph, the attackers targeted the paper-making division of the Japanese firm.

Like any other threat actor, DoppelPaymer gang also shared screenshots of the allegedly stolen data on the darknet.

Though, like LG, Mitsubishi too has not issued any statement yet regarding the ransomware attack.

However, the threats to leak data from both ransomware gangs will certainly confirm the happening of these incidents in the coming days.

Recently, Honda also disclosed a cyber attack which caused disruptions in their regular operations. That time too, the firm remained silent about the involvement of ransomware. Yet, investigating the matter further revealed the involvement of SNAKE ransomware.

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