How to Check Someone’s Call History Online for Free

Checking someone’s call history is something everyone dreams. From parents to people in a relationship, everyone wonders for getting their fingers on their loved ones mobile phone to check their call logs but not everyone succeeds in this struggle due to the high-level security measures used by smart devices.

It requires cracking the password for looking into someone’s call log but the risk of being suspected intrudes to make things even worse. To avoid such trouble, a remote call spying solution is introduced which literally requires a couple of minutes, and you are done. 

Do you want to know the secret? Read a bit more and you will be equipped with the knowledge regarding the most useful spying tool.

Spyier – The Ultimate Call History Tracker

Nothing beats Spyier in tracking cell phone call history online free. It is a smart blend of Artificial Intelligence and tracing logics that were never used before for call log tracking. Checking someone’s call history is not only possible with Spyier but it is risk-free, easier, and yet free of cost.

Spyier has a vast customer base of one million which is continuously increasing due to its 100% working features. People are tired of trying and testing every single URL they see to check whether the spy app works as depicted but all in vain. Spyier has relieved these worries by providing an error-free solution.

The discrete mechanism of Spyier is adorned by multiple media forums including Android Authority, New York Times, Top 10 Reviews, Life wire, Digital Trends, just to name a few. It fetched the call log details dynamically so that user identity is kept confidential.

Use Spyier to Track Call History Online 

Spyier offers state-of-the-art spy facility which users can avail from Spyier page. No need to be worried about being left with empty pockets as Spyier provides free Signup services to welcome new users. Here is a quick guide for using Spyier to save you from reading extensive user manuals:


  • Registration


Just like other off-the-shelf programs, Spyier would require users to Sign up from the official website. It requires a valid email account to Sign up with Spyier. The registration process does not require users to verify credit cards or carry out multiple human verifications. 


  • Package Subscription


The next step involves subscribing for a package depending upon the number of devices the user wants to monitor. Select a package and pay accordingly for a smooth experience. Do not worry as Spyier does not require a huge amount to pay for a package as the packages are available at reasonable rates.


  • Device Selection


For tracking the call log, users are required to select the target device type. The cause behind selecting the target device is that different operating systems have different requirements for installing apps. Spyier figures out the installation process for its users


  • Dashboard


When you are done with the above steps, it is time to start tracking remotely. Open Spyier dashboard from any internet-capable device. It does not require installing plug-ins as Spyier is supported by all kinds of web-browsers to provide an unproblematic user experience.  

Spyier dashboard is the control panel that provides access to the target device to monitor all kinds of data. You do not require installing multiple applications for checking messages along with call details. It is an all-in-one solution offering spy services for multiple devices and media files concurrently. 

How to check iPhone’s Call History Remotely?

It is so convincing to know that Spyier for iPhone is an entirely remote solution. Unlike other call tracking applications, Spyier is an entirely remote solution which lets the user keep an eye on someone’s mobile phone remotely. It is an online spy solution making spying a secure procedure even for novices.  

Spyier for iPhone offers installation service using iCloud credentials of the target device. Enter the iCloud login id and password in Spyier web-based dashboard to begin the installation process. Spyier takes 2 minutes to synchronize with the cloud as data of iOS devices is saved to iCloud thus making spying easier.

How to check Android Phone Call History?

One-time access to android smart devices is required as Android does not offer remote installation. The high-end features of Spyier would be installed in a couple of minutes so do not worry about being caught by the phone owner. It is an ultra-light application offering an intuitive interface for user ease.

Do not worry about the in-app notifications as it keeps running in the background without generating notification alerts. Spyier logo vanishes from the app drawer so that the user can not notice it being installed on their devices. It does not drain the battery of the targeted Android phone thus goes unnoticed.

View Call History from Spyier Dashboard

To check the call history of the target device, all you have to do is click the Calls tab, and details will pop-up shortly. There is no need to touch the device again and again as it is an online remote spying solution. The web-based dashboard could be accessed from any device to offer spying on the go. 

Spyier does not require any installation on user mobile phones thus there is no need to dedicate storage space for it. It relieves users from sticking to their laptop screens round the clock. Spyier is an online utility which just requires an active internet connection. Afterward, call tracking is a left-hand job.

The Final Call

Summarizing discussion on Spyier is not an easy task due to its 35+fully functional features. There is no doubt in its error-free working as hundreds of positive reviews are proof of Spyier services that work at their best. The online dashboard provides easy access to the call log of the target device remotely.

Tracking someone’s calls by touching their device as a risky task as it might get you caught. Therefore, Spyier devised a convenient solution to user worries by providing web-based remote spying services. By navigating to the Call tab, you will get the details in a blink of an eye. 

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