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Threema Chat App Decides To Go Open Source In Coming Months

by Abeerah Hashim
Threema app goes open source

The end-to-end encryption chat app Threema has now announced its plans to go open source. After Signal and Wickr, Threema now joins the list of open-source end-to-end encryption messaging apps. Alongside this announcement, Threema also announced a new partnership.

Threema App Goes Open Source

In a recent blog post, the German secured messaging app Threema has announced a major change. This upgrade will perhaps receive appreciation from the cybersecurity community as well as the users in general.

As revealed, the Threema chat app will be available as open-source soon.

Although, the firm confirms that the app’s code occasionally undergoes external review. It will then support reproducible builds and encourage continuous reviewing for security bugs – an advantage of the open-source format.

Mentioning about it in the post, Threema stated,

Within the next months, the Threema apps will become fully open source, supporting reproducible builds. This is to say that anyone will be able to independently review Threema’s security and verify that the published source code corresponds to the downloaded app.

Besides, the app will continue to support users’ privacy with its secure features. This includes no logging of data or traces on the app servers. According to the firm, this strategy makes the app available to PC users as well without requiring them to use smartphones.

New Partnership Also Announced

Alongside the major upgrade to open source, Threema has also announced a new corporate move as well. They are now joining hands with the German-Swiss firm Afinum Management AG.

Elaborating on this matter, they stated,

Afinum fully shares our values regarding security and privacy protection. The additional resources gained through this partnership enable Threema to grow beyond the German-speaking part of Europe, and we can use our energy for visionary new ideas and projects.

Though, they have clarified that the Threema founders will continue to lead the service dominantly.

Threema is a dedicated end-to-end encrypted messaging chat app that has been independently audited as well.

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