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4 Benefits of Using Email Encryption

by Mic Johnson

If you share confidential information and files all the time via emails, then you must always worry about its safety. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small company or a big organization; no one is completely safe from cyber-attacks. When you are sharing confidential information with a stakeholder without taking any precautions, you are not just putting your data at risk, but you are endangering the entire company. So, it is vital that you are taking security measures and protecting your data at any cost. You can protect your emails by using email encryption software like Trustifi. It will allow you to send encrypted emails, and the receiver won’t be able to decrypt it without your permission. In this article, I have mentioned a few benefits of using email encryption that will convince you to get one right away. Let’s take a look:


The most important benefits a company can enjoy from email encryption is confidentiality. When you are using email encryption software, you can guarantee the safety of any files or information you are sharing. Different email encryption software has different features, and not all of them use the same encryption method. However, even if your email falls into the wrong hands, somehow, they will not be able to decrypt it as they won’t have the key.

Saves Time

Another great benefit of using email encryption software is that it saves you a lot of time. Most companies spend a lot of money on their networks and security to ensure that any information they share online doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. They also install different programs on the computer, which adds extra protection for the network. These programs can be beneficial in many ways, but they still don’t provide a hundred percent security. On the other hand, with email encryption, you would not need any of these programs and can send the mail on an unprotected network as well. This can help you save quite a lot of time which you can spend on more important tasks.

Helps Avoid Spam

Using email encryption can allow you to identify spam emails at a very first glance. Unlike regular emails, encrypted emails have a signature on them and can easily be differentiated from a spam email. That is why you shouldn’t only use encryption software to send emails, but you must use it to receive emails as well. This will also help your clients a great deal as they will be able to identify your email and won’t fall into the trap of sharing the confidential email with an imposter.

Recall and Retract

When the receiver opens the email you have shared with them; it will not open until you will approve their request or activate the link. This means if someone else tries to open the email, you will be notified immediately, and you can retract the email immediately just with one click. It’s like having a self-destruct button on the email, which you can activate if someone is trying to breach your privacy.

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