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The Link Between Text Messaging and Effective Hacking

by Mic Johnson

The name might be cute but don’t let it fool you. Smishing is a hacking attack that has mastered the use of misleading text messages to install malware in phones or even get you to share valuable information and give away money. With just a text message, they easily deceive their victims into lowering their guards. Simply put, they trick the victims into believing the message is from a reputable organization or person, and deceive you into taking action that leaves your exploitable information vulnerable. They could get various login credentials including your banks.

This method of cyber-attack has been around since the 90s. But it was email-based and was commonly known as phishing. Smishing is the variation of this. And, because most of us are more watchful on our computers than our phones, it is becoming more widespread. People are more likely to open and take action from a potentially suspicious message than an email. And, most of our computers, especially corporate PCs are impressive security features- unlike most of the phones. 

Smishing Statistics 

Did you know that over 90% of the text messages are read within 3 minutes and 45% lead to action? For email messages, the equivalent is a mere 20% for reading and 6% are responded to. While these text messaging-related stats are not specific to smishing, they explain a lot on why this method of cyber-attack is becoming widespread. And, hackers are going to extreme lengths to develop it. From the 90s, people have come to understand the dangers posed by suspicious emails and spam. But the new attack seeking to exploit the very intimate relationship people have with their devices is a new vector not many are familiar with.  But the great news is; it is not everywhere, yet! In Q3 of 2019, it was reported that only 15% of organizations received one form of smishing link or the other. But in 2020, it’s estimated over three quarters will have encountered a smishing attack. 

Why You Need Encrypted Text Messaging 

As mobile devices increasingly become part of every aspect of life, the need to prevent attacks couldn’t be any important. And, as cases of hacking become more widespread, it is more important than ever to have encrypted text messaging to ensure safety. Remember, hackers, are relentless. Therefore, you need to implement impressive technology to secure your messaging and keep them out. The professionals behind Messente global SMS API say that text messaging optimizes collaboration and communication between organizations, clients, and employees. And, if the messaging platform being used is not encrypted, it could lead to more harm than good. And most common messaging platforms aren’t. If your platform is not encrypted, you risk;


  • Negative publicity
  • Data and information theft
  • Vulnerable corporate data
  • Compromised professional relationships
  • Steep recovery costs


It takes months to recover from most large-scale hacks. But using a to secure your messaging platform will prevent any hackers from accessing your messages and will secure all the data.

Effects of Smishing

Our phones are probably the most intimate gadgets we own. And an attack through the phone often is catastrophic. The attackers could install malware to gain information about your finances and plunder your accounts or deceive you into spending on unnecessary things. Smishing attacks have made it harder for financial institutions to communicate with their clients via the most universal and convenient platforms – text messages. 

What Are the Features of an Encrypted Platform?

A great platform not only secures your data but also gives you effective collaboration. Be sure to seek these key features when looking for a platform for a safe internal communications platform. 

Cloud-Based Storage: A secure cloud-based is known to make it almost impossible to be vulnerable to any cyber-attack. This form of storage also eliminates the need for regular deletion of old sensitive communications and information from the devices. An encrypted messaging platform only stores the very latest communication locally. Also, it makes it easier for you to comply with data retention regulations by having a centralized data storage system. 

Heightened Messaging and Data Security: Communication through an encrypted platform

Provides the robust security needed for business operations. It gives everyone peace of mind knowing their communication doesn’t compromise sensitive data in any way. 

Enhanced Account Management: It provides convenient account management as employee data is managed from a centralized location. This greatly streamlines the running of the operations, centralizes controls, and allows the account managers to invalidate expired accounts and delete sensitive data. 

Leading organizations have sought out a technology that increases their ROI on communications investment and reduces costs associated with hacking. Get an advanced encrypted messaging system today and take advantage of secure messaging.

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