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Gaming Tech 101: What Every Beginner Gamer Needs

by Mic Johnson

Having the right gaming equipment can help to transform your gaming experience and allow you to achieve the best results. Gaming skills are also dependent on the tech used. You might also benefit from upgrading your setup to a modern one. You have gaming equipment and other gaming paraphernalia that will help to make your gaming an experience worth reliving. Here’s what every beginner gamer needs. 

1. Gaming PC

Whether you are a beginner or a pro gamer, you need a top tier gaming PC. While you might be tempted to build your own gaming PC, there are pre-assembled gaming PCs out there that are more affordable, and thanks to advanced computer technology, they have powerful processing speeds and the graphics are to die for. A gaming PC should give you smooth gameplay. It should include high-end graphics and faster loading times. 

The same criterion applies to gamers who are always on the move and are looking for the best gaming laptops. Scott Krager, a tech geek at gadgetsenthusiast.com/laptop/best-gtx-1080-laptop says that having a gaming laptop that’s equipped with high-end graphic cards and high memory capacity will come in handy to provide you with the best gaming experience even when on the go. Among other factors to consider when choosing a gaming PC include: 


  • Memory – Gaming demands a higher level of graphics and only high capacity RAMs will support these needs. Most games come with 3D rendering capabilities. For the best gaming experience, RAMS ranging from 16GB to 32GB will suffice. 
  • Storage – SSDs are the most commonly used drives in gaming [PCs as they are more efficient, they utilize less power, fast booting speeds, and are quiet. 
  • Cooling – To minimize the risks of your PC overheating, consider a PC with the most advanced cooling system. You now have gaming PCs that come fully loaded with sealed liquid CPU coolers. Such a cooling system can help to cool a high-speed six-core processor smoothly without the slightest of a hum
  • Cost – For the best gaming ex[perience, be prepared to pay top dollar for the most advanced gaming PC or laptop as they don’t come cheap. 

2. Gaming Monitor

To achieve an awesome gaming experience, you need a gaming monitor with just the right display specs. Fortunately for you, you have monitors that include features and specifications that are ideal for gaming. Whether it’s a monitor with plain HD, high resolution, or a 4K monitor, the choice is yours. Monitors come in different forms, shapes, and sizes. You might, while at it, choose a curved screen

3. Mechanical Keyboard And Controllers

To increase your speed and agility, you need to find a keyboard that will be more than useful. Mechanical keyboards can be found in a range of designs and styles. The best thing is that with mechanical keyboards, you’ll never have to worry about unintentional button presses. 

Now, as for gaming controllers, you have a wide range of options to choose from ranging from wireless Bluetooth controllers to clickable joysticks. Your choice of controllers will, however, be dictated by the games you play and your preferences. Most importantly, consider durable options that will provide you with the best gaming experience. 

4. Headsets

You’ll most definitely need to experience the audio effects from your games. You might have the speakers for it but then again, it’s important that you also invest in quality headsets. There are competitive games where you’ll need to keep up with your teammates in most especially, game tournaments. For these, consider a headset with a microphone and ensure that it’s of the best audio quality. Also, check whether it has stereo features. This will provide you with surround audio capabilities. 

5. Gaming furniture

You, of course, need a gaming table where you can place your PC, Monitor, and other gaming equipment. The table should be of the right height and dimensions. When it comes to the gaming chair, choose an ergonomic one. Ergonomic gaming chairs will be kind to your back considering the many hours you’ll spend playing. Additionally, you should not compromise on the quality of your gaming furniture. MSI brand is also a good investment for a gaming chair because of its good quality. And if you have concerns on how to set it up, you can check MSI’s gaming chair user manual online or download it for free.

6. PC Games

With an explosion of PC game options, it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones. You’ll need to find games that suit your tastes and games that will be easy to master. To add to this, you’ll also want to determine your genre of games. These can range anywhere between action, racing, sports, to simulations. Start with simple games and as you progress, you can find games that will challenge your wits. 

PC games are increasingly gaining popularity. However, your gaming experience will be determined by your gaming investments. The above are must-have items that any beginner gamer needs.

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