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The Latest unc0ver iPhone Jailbreak Even Works On iOS 14.3

by Abeerah Hashim
unc0ver jailbreak iOS 14.3

Heads up iPhone users. If you haven’t upgraded to iOS 14.4 yet, then this jailbreak is for you. The latest unc0ver iPhone jailbreak successfully works on all devices including the latest iOS 14.3.

unc0ver iPhone Jailbreak Exploits iOS 14.3 Zero-Day

Team unc0ver has once again leveraged an iOS vulnerability for facilitating rebellious users. The latest unc0ver iPhone jailbreak is out that works against almost all existing iPhones.

As disclosed, this unc0ver version can even jailbreak the latest devices running iOS 14.3.

Specifically, the new tool exploits one of the three vulnerabilities that Apple has fixed recently with iOS 14.4. They have developed their “own exploit” against CVE-2021-1782 – a privilege escalation vulnerability in Kernel.

Apple already confirmed that the vulnerabilities went under active exploitation.

It seems one such exploitation was to develop unc0ver v6.0.0.

According to their website, unc0ver v6.0.0 can jailbreak iOS 11 to iOS 14. It also supports jailbreaking iOS 12.4.9 to 12.5.1, and 13.5.1 to 13.7.

As for the devices, they have tested a wide range of iPhones and iPads as old as iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, iPad Mini 5, iPad Pro, iPad 7th Gen, and iPod Touch.

However, it remains unclear if this latest tool will also jailbreak iOS 12.3-12.3.2 and 12.4.2-12.4.5.

What Next?

The last unc0ver v5.0.0 appeared last year when it successfully worked against iOS 13.5 – the then-latest. That time too, it exploited a zero-day to jailbreak iPhones and iPads. While it also worked against a range of devices, it didn’t support iOS 12.3-12.3.2 and 12.4.2-12.4.5.

However, since it did work against the version preceding and succeeding these unsupported iOS versions, users could still jailbreak their devices by upgrading the iOS software.

Nonetheless, Apple fixed the bug with iOS 13.5.1 rendering it useless for the latest devices.

Yet, once again, a new jailbreak is available that even works against iOS 14.3. So now, interested users can proceed to jailbreak their devices (at their own risk) if they haven’t upgraded to iOS 14.4.

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